Referral Agent Guidelines

Homebate® is free for agents to join and receive referral customers. You must register, complete your profile, take the online class, and pass the proficiency test before receiving service requests.

Buyers and Sellers on our network use Homebate® to connect with Agents willing to offer a commission credit or rebate. Homebate® Buyers receive a full commission credit (subject to lender approval) of an Agents commission after paying a $5,000 commission to the Buyers Agency. Homebate® Sellers list homes for 1% (min $2,500) and offer between 2-4% to a Buyers Agency.

Our minimum commission policies make sure that our Partner Agents receive a minimum (after our 30% referral fee) of $1,750 to list a home for sale and $3,500 to represent buyers on our network.

Although Partner Agents and Users of our platform agree to the terms and conditions set-forth, Homebate® cannot require Partner Agent activity past granting access to our website systems. All agreements for commission rebates must be confirmed in a separate written agreement between Partner Agents and Buyers or Sellers. Please review our Commission Credit policies.

The Homebate Referral Process

  1. Complete our Online Agent Application
  2. Have your Broker or Office Manager sign our referral agreement
  3. When we have a buyer or seller in your region, we will contact you direct to refer the customer
  4. Upon opening escrow, submit our Open Escrow Form
  5. Once closed, please notify us in writing at

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