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Expired Real Estate Listings

So you tried to sell your home with an Agent, but couldn’t?

If you’re like almost 40% of sellers that answered YES, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a shocking statistic compared to 100% of listings that SELL with Homebate’s Guaranteed Sale.

Why Your Listing Probably Didn’t Sell

Common reasons why listings expire with other Agencies:

  1.  Your agent was not a buyer magnet. Our networks generate millions of views and we incentivize buyer’s by offering 50% commission back to help your property sell quickly!
  2. You relied on Zillow for your estimate OR your agent needed a better grasp of the comparable sales. Automated values are only a start but shouldn’t be relied upon. We have licensed appraisers who analyze sold comps to help determine an accurate listing price.
  3. The features of your property were not enhanced. Often Agents fail to input all of the features available in your home into the MLS listing which can limit a ton of buyer searches.
  4. Showings on your home were not seamless. One click or phone call to our office gets buyers or agents into your home for showings. The owner gets previous notice of the showing and then after the showing, the owner receives feedback so they know what the market is saying.
  5. You missed marketing opportunities to promote your home to a niche market. Every property is unique and often times your home just needs to be put in the best light, to someone that is the most likely type of buyer for your home.
  6. You did not evolve with the market. Every 10 working days, we have a meeting with you to look at the changes we can make based on the competition, the sales, and the feedback. We have a fluid marketing plan to provide what the market calls for in obtaining offers.
  7. The media published was not of professional quality. We have experienced photographers who will take professional photos, interior 3D model drawings or even drone videos of your home to maximize buyer interest.
  8. Your price is too high. There is a delicate balance of pricing at the high end to take advantage of a sellers market, but not too high as to be rejected by appraisers. When priced at the low end value, we often see homes sell within 7 days for 3-10% over asking.
  9. Your agent lacked creativity. In the past, we have purchased a buyer’s home to allow them to close on a new property. We have loaned buyers their down payment from our commission so they could qualify for a loan. We have a lender team member who has come up with innovative financing plans to squeeze that buyer into a home. Through experience, we are innovative and that innovation gets homes sold.
  10. Interest did not result into contracts. We follow up on interest and make suggestions on how contracts can be formulated to achieve buyer’s goals while keeping your needs in mind. Newer agents representing buyers may not have the tools to move a buyer across the finish line. We will help with a little push!

Why List with Homebate?

Why listings never expire with Homebate’s Guaranteed Sale

  • We discount our listing fees as low as 1% or $2,500 to help you set a competitive listing price
  • We offer a 50% commission credit to buyers in order to entice them to buy your listing
  • We utilize professional photographers to put your house in the best light
  • We can expose your listing to 36 million+ potential buyers
  • We syndicate listings to 50,000+ websites
  • We have access to investors with over $1B in CASH, ready to purchase any type of real estate
  • We’re here to help 24 Hours a day, seven days a week.

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