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Here’s how to pay less in closing fees and NET more.

Did you know only 9% of sellers try selling as a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) listing? If you’re like the majority of sellers, NETing the most money you can when you sell your home is of top priority. But did you know FSBO listings net sellers an average $60,000 less than homes listed by an agent?

Why FSBO Listings NET less

Common reasons why fsbo listings net less than selling with an agent:

  1. Sellers relied on the Zillow estimate and set their price is too high/low. Automated values are a good start by shouldn’t be relied upon. The zestimate has historically been 10-20% off the actual market value of a home.
  2. Zillow is a fraction of the market. Although Zillow gets a lot of traffic to their website, they only account for a fraction of buyers who are in the market!
  3. Qualified Buyers are likely already working with an agent. Although you try to save on commissions, qualified buyers are typically already working with an agent or will want an agent to represent them. The Buyers agent will often then ask you to pay their commissions and will negotiate to get the best deal for the Buyer.
  4. Unrepresented Sellers still need legal assistance. Once you find a buyer, you will still need to hire an agent or lawyer to draft up the legal documents. Buyers can often back out of a transaction, ask for changes to the contract or cause delay’s which can cause additional upfront fees to a seller.
  5. Sellers can turn off Buyers. Sellers often are not sales people and can turn off buyers just by being in the home while Buyer’s tour. We provide a fresh approach on Open Houses and showing scheduling to entice buyers.
  6. You missed marketing opportunities to promote your home to a niche market. Every property is unique and often times your home just needs to be put in the best light, to someone that is the most likely type of buyer for your home. We are not just licensed Brokers, we are expert marketers who know how to promote your property to the right niche.
  7. The media published was not of professional quality. We have experienced photographers who will take professional photos, interior 3D model drawings or even drone videos of your home to maximize buyer interest.
  8. You lacked the ability to provide creative financing options. In the past, we worked out creative negotiations like purchasing a buyer’s home to allow them to close on a new property. Through experience, we are innovative and that innovation gets homes sold.

How Homebate Can NET You More

Why to list with Homebate vs. a FSBO listing

  • We discount our listing fees as low as 1% or $2,500 to help you set a competitive listing price
  • We give buyers a 50% commission credit to help make your listing more attractive.
  • We guarantee to sell your home in 30 day’s or our investors will make you a CASH offer.
  • We utilize professional photographers to put your house in the best light
  • We syndicate listings to 50,000+ websites to expose your listing to 56 million+ potential buyers
  • We’re here to help 24 Hours a day, seven days a week.

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